About this website

I published this website in October 2011 for a simple and single reason – to tell the truth.

Shortly after my mother’s death in September 2010 I became aware that my ‘sisters’ Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll were spreading lies of the most disgusting and vicious nature about me and, in the case of Ann O’Driscoll, attacking me directly including death threats by text message.

Even after I formally wrote to Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll, via my solicitor, asking them to stop these attacks they decided to continue contacting friends and relatives of mine, telling them the most horrendous lies about me, attempting to poison those people against me.

Since I was not able to stop my ‘sisters’ from lying about me I decided that the truth should be given to their lies, in public.

I have first hand accounts from people who have been contacted by my sisters and copies of much of the correspondence concerned. My ‘sisters’ know that the things they have said and written about me are lies and that what I have published here is true. That is why they are unable to challenge this website in any legal way, but instead (as I have shown in the published evidence)  have resorted to blackmail and threats.

It saddens me that the situation necessitated the publication of this website but the people who are responsible for it are those members of my family who have lied about me in the most aggressive vicious, persistent and disgusting manner. I have simply defended myself against their dishonest and controlling behaviour by giving the truth to their lies and I will continue to do so for as long as they continue to attack me.

Florence Michael  O’Driscoll

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