Summary of solicitor’s letter to Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll

This letter was sent via my solicitor, Hodders in London, to Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll at their respective addresses in London and the recorded delivery was signed for on the 14th July 2011 proof of sending of letter and proof of receipt.

The full text of the letter is available here letter to ann and mersey odriscoll 13.7.11 (pdf)

The key points of this letter were as follows:

  • I documented the many occasions on which I had offered, in writing, to pay my share of my mother’s (Mary-Anne O’Driscoll, nee Mary-Anne Stack) funeral costs and confirmed again that I was willing to pay this
  • I also offered to pay my share of the headstone costs
  • I asked Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll to stop  making and spreading false allegations relating to my supposed unwillingness to pay towards the funeral or headstone costs amongst our relatives in Ireland and England (I know that Mersey and Ann have been trying to pressurise relatives in Ireland and England to take sides in this internal family matter and continue to do so)
  • I asked Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll to share with me the proposed design for the headstone
  • I suggested that all disagreements between us could be ended by allowing me the smallest of inputs into our mother’s headstone (choosing the photo of our mother to go on the headstone)

I have received no reply to this letter.

  1. Our mother is dead. You have gone to see her flat and her grave more times after her death than you did when she was alive.shame on you ..grow up and move on. Also evidenced is not a real word and tilly and austin have sent their extortionist message to the cyberbullying and stalking police group. Get a real life and some real friends advice from your sisterxxxx


    • ‘Our mother is dead’? Why would you want to send me messages saying that? But then that is the kind of crazy bullying sinister message that I have come to expect from you in the early hours of the morning – just like the death threat texts and the ten pictures of Mum that you so kindly emailed me at 3am.

      How do you claim to know how often I went to Mum’s flat? Or how often I have visited her grave – are you stalking me? How repulsive to try and turn these things into some sort of competition. I know it is a little difficult for you to think about facts but I lived with Mum, under the same roof, until around 1999 (except for time at university and even then I was with her in the holidays) and from 1999 to 2004 I lived there for 3 or 4 days a week. So that would mean I was living with Mum for a good 20 years or so after you had stopped living with her, a long time after all of her other children had left home in fact. That is why she said to me ‘you are the one I miss most because you were always there’. I am sure you will not want to hear that because it does not fit in well with your little narrative of you and Mersey as heroes, but if you must insist on measuring love for Mum in such a crass way then at least do the maths properly.

      You have said ‘shame on me’ in your lovely message – let me return the compliment. Shame on you for secretly going to live with our father in Watford for several years. Yes – you went to live with that man of your own free will; the man who did so much harm to our Mother, an alcoholic who beat and terrorised his wife and children. As if that was not enough you also secretly arranged for him to have access to his children and lied to Mum (and to me) about it.

      I broke off contact with that man when I was 12 and I chose to live with Mum as an adult – you chose to live with the man who basically ruined her life when you were more than old enough to know better. A pattern of lying on an an epic scale which you have continued to this day. I am sure that no other member of this family could even have imagined going to live with that man let alone do it and give him access to his children without Mum’s knowledge or permission. It only ended when I found you out and you had no choice but to admit it and to end it. Or at least you said you ended it.

      Mum once said to me ‘you never gave me a day’s trouble in your life’ and that is because I never knowingly said or did anything to upset or hurt her and she knew that, so I do ever so slightly resent people who try to portray me as having behaved badly to her when nothing could be further from the truth.

      I am proud to say that I am not like you – I don’t enjoy hurting people but since you have focussed so obsessively on my supposed failings then I think it is only fair that you look at your own.

      Regarding the ‘cyberbullying and stalking police group’ that you mentioned – just a couple of problems with that; firstly, the ‘cyberbullying and stalking police group’ do not exist (are they these ‘imaginary friends’ that you keep referring to in your bizarre emails to me in the early hours of the morning?) and even if they were real you would have nothing regarding me to report to them. It is me that has had to report you to the Police, having been the victim of your death threats and other bullying, spiteful texts and emails.

      You said that ‘evidenced is not a real word’ – for the record, it can be found in any dictionary and is included in the title of thousands of books. Still, as you are a ‘writer’ I defer to you…those books and dictionaries have got it wrong most likely.

      Thanks for your advice (‘Get a real life and some real friends advice from your sister xxxx’) Let me give you some brotherly advice in return for yours: find some target other than me for your psychotic and self-indulgent ‘anger’, we all lost our mother, not just you and Mersey. You might also want to consider getting a job and then you would have something else to do than sit up into the small hours of the morning sending hate emails to your brother. And if you could stop telling lies about me that would be much appreciated.

      PS please do not reply : we have both had our say and I would very much prefer to leave it at that.


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