Feedback from Ann O’Driscoll

Despite the fact that I have had to report death threats which I received from Ann O’Driscoll to the Police, Ann does not seem deterred from sending me further abusive messages. I received the following email from Ann in response to publication of this site (The email address partially obscured by me in line with code of site hoster).


From : Ann O’Driscoll ( :

27/10/2011 6.50pm

Subject: You Idiot

Go and save some abandoned irish people or phone the samaritans. Yaaaaawn.

My comment: You will notice that there is no denial of anything written on this site and may draw your own conclusions from that.


Update: from  Ann O’Driscoll: 30th January 2012

It would seem that despite all of the above, and me repeatedly asking her not to contact me (May 2011 and October 2011 for example), my sister Ann O’Driscoll  insists on bombarding me with strange threatening emails in the early hours.

Out of the blue she sent me 11 emails (yes 11) between 02:07 and 02:48 on 30TH Jan 2012.

One of these emails contains the bizzare message ‘‘no replies from your imaginary friends’’. If anyone knows what that means please feel free to get in touch. Ann ignored several requests to stop emailing me, continuing to email me photos of my dead mother even after I warned her that I would report it to the Police. She told me that  she would not stop contacting me until I took down this website  and that she was ‘not worried by the idea of the Police’ (30/01/2012, 02:37).

The subject line of each, is ‘be happy’. Most have pictures of our Mum embedded or attached to the email. What kind of person sends their brother pictures of his dead mother in the early hours of the morning along with nasty little messages? My ‘sister’ Ann O’Driscoll apparently. How sick can you get?

Bizzare emails from Ann O'Driscoll

Bizzare late night emails from Ann O’Driscoll with photographs of my dead mother inserted into most

  1. Stop trying to contact me! An open letter is contact.leave me alone ! Cyberbullying is a crime!


    • This is a public space – you don’t have to read or take part in it. Unlike when you text me death threats and send 10 pictures of Mum to me at 3am : that is private and extremely unwelcome communication to me personally, despite me asking you not to contact me privately any number of times. I have no intention of contacting you so let’s end this here – everyone has had their say.


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