Feedback from Mersey O’Driscoll

I see my sister Mersey has created a blog

Open threats are made to publish correspondence and allegations of harassment are made but no details are offered (where, when, what?).  I will not respond to these threats – Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll have the option to publish whatever they like as long as they stay within the law,  as does everyone else. Blackmail was a criminal offence last time I checked – I guess that would make Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll blackmailers.

These are the facts that Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll would like to keep secret:

a) That for absolutely no reason whatever I was texted death threats from my sister Ann, a few days after our  Mother’s funeral along with claims that only she and Mersey loved our Mum and that Ann was going to ‘find me and kill me’. I have asked Ann not to contact me: in May 2011, September 2011 and again in January 2012 but she insists on contacting me despite that

b) Again, for no reason, I received a storm of nonsensical, bizarre and sick accusations by text, email and voicemail from another sister which were only stopped by Police intervention.

c) That my sister Mersey has been conducting a campaign of  lies against me amongst our relatives and is now branching out to my friends; the  latest being a series of bizarre after-midnight email attacks on my friend Denise (starting Tue, 17 Jan 2012 00:23)  in which Mersey told her that she ‘would not tolerate’ her speaking about our mother, ‘warning’ her not to use  Mersey’s name on the  internet and repeated her groundless accusations about ‘harassment’ from me, which I have passed to my solicitor, along with a  screenshot of Mersey’s ‘blog’

  1. Im outraged at mersey for sending a after midnight email ! Stop that business!!!


    • Yes Ann – of course there is nothing at all odd about Mersey contacting my friends after midnight, threatening them and trying to poison them against me by making bizarre allegations of harrassment etc (oft repeated by her but somehow never evidenced). That is normal for you and Mersey – you have tried it far and wide but it will not work with anyone who:

      a) has met me and talked to me for 10 minutes or more and therefore knows that everything you have said about me is nonsense
      b) prefers to judge people for themselves rather than believe the poison and lies about me that you and Mersey have fed them
      c) has better things to do with their time than become a pawn in your pathetic campaign against me

      Hilariously, one of Mersey’s rants at my friend (the same friend who you also attacked, on Facebook, in September last year at about 3am as I recall) concerned the fact that my friend did not introduce herself to Mersey and you when we ‘met’ at Mum’s grave. My friend was with me so if there were any introductions to be done then that would be down to me but since you clearly did not want to talk to me I would hardly introduce a friend to you.

      On the subject of funeral etiquette I must say how much I enjoyed the company of Mersey’s friend at my table at the funeral reception. She did not offer so much as ‘hallo’, let alone a word of condolence. Not her fault though – I imagine she had been on the receiving end of the same kind of poisonous lies as were in Mersey’s emails to my friend. The funniest part of Mersey’s ludicrous emails was her complaining about being ‘badmouthed’ by me – breathtaking hypocrisy and irony.


  2. A)shut up
    B)shut up
    C)shut up
    Its embarrasing
    D)bit too late
    E)shut up
    F)grow up


    • Can there be anything more absurd than someone shouting ‘shut up’ 3 times in a row while talking about ‘growing up’?. This website exists because of the playground mentality that you and Mersey share, because you and Mersey operate on a childish level of lies, gossip, gang mentality and group think. Lying seems to come very naturally to both of you, as it does to children.

      ‘Bit too late’ you say? The truth is never too late but I know that it must make you angry that I insist on telling it and that there is nothing that you or Mersey can do about it. You know that you can’t deny that what I’ve published is true so you just have to shout at it like an angry baby that can’t get its own way.

      Thanks for your text messages ‘I will find you and kill you’ etc. I think finding your own front door would be enough of a challenge for you on an average night though.

      By the way, what happened to ‘G’ in your list of rants… did you lose consciousness at that point? Well it was getting on for 3am so I suppose you must have been quite (ahem)..’tired’.


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