weird & wonderful blogs of Mersey O’Driscoll

These are ‘blogs’ authored by Mersey O’Driscoll.  Mersey O’Driscoll claims in her blog that ‘I don’t have as much time as you for blogging’ but clearly this, as with so much else, is untrue. Based on the number of weird ‘blogs’ that she has produced it would seem that she has a lot more time than for blogging than me. Although to be fair the quantity of her blogs is not matched by the quality so they may not have taken too much time to produce. You can be the judge of what these blogs mean and what they say about the author (Mersey O’Driscoll). Since most (or perhaps all)  are aimed at me, I think it is only fair that I give my own brief analyses below.

The ‘blogs’ of Mersey O’Driscoll  are characterised by the following:

1. Absence of any factual content. No specific events are described, no facts, no times, no places. Just vague and extremely badly written insinuations of some bad behaviour on my part. Guess why it is not possible to substantiate these allegations? You got it – there is no basis for any legitimate complaint.

2. Psychobabble. Google is an extremely useful tool but as these ‘blogs’ powerfully demonstrate, it is no substitute for a proper education. Mersey O’ Driscoll clearly believes that psychological analysis works by googling random psychological terms and plagiarising extracts from the results (and throwing in a few ideas lifted directly for an episode of The Big Bang theory!). I am afraid psychoanalysis is a little more complicated than that and involves things like studying, reading books, doing research and talking to the person who you are analysing. None of those are present in your psychologising.

3. Dishonesty  The semi-literate babble contains an unintended confession. My charming younger sister states that  she is ‘working hard to remove me from her life’. Well my dear sister you have never been part of my life. I do not allow half-witted manipulative backstabbing people into my life. What you actually mean of course is that you were working hard to remove other people from  my life (i.e. the various relatives that you emailed, called, bullied into trying to break contact with me).

4. Delusions of grandeur  One of the the rather strange blogs of Mersey O’Driscoll apparently lays out her agenda for emigration to Florida.  These apparently are ABDICATION, immigration and intoxication. Well obviously what you do on your own time is your own business and the UK’s gain is Florida’s loss, but ABDICATION? I mean abdication is something that members of the Royal Family do. Of what realm does she imagine herself the former Queen I wonder?  I could make some suggestions. By the way, I think she means emigration, not immigration, but never mind.

4. Hypocrisy  Advises me to ‘stop this’ (i.e. telling the truth) while writing a large number of nonsensical blogs herself  (at least five that I am aware of – see links above).

5. Threats and blackmail    Mersey O’Driscoll makes various threats  about publishing emails – but strangely none have been published (that would be because there are none that would support any of the claims she has made).  In response to her threat to publish emails, I have offered to publish all correspondence : emails, texts, notes from phone calls. Strangely Mersey O’Driscoll seems reluctant to carry out this threat or to take me up on this offer – I wonder why?

Anyone who is interested may read these ‘blogs’ by Mersey O’Driscoll (which I have archived) and make up their own mind as to the value of the content – I think you will find that the above is a pretty accurate and fair summary.

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