Those lies in full

My ‘sisters’ Ann O’Driscoll and Mersey O’Driscoll have repeatedly told a number of lies about me. I have written proof of this and that is why I am able to call them liars in public.

These lies include:

  • That I refused to contribute to my mother’s funeral expenses / headstone
  • That I ‘bullied’ or ‘harassed’ Ann O’Driscoll, Mersey O’Driscoll or any other member of my family
  • That I ‘took Mum’s money’

These are not just any lies but the most vicious and cynical kind, relating to my Mother’s death. The reason for these lies is to create a feeble justification for attempting to monopolise our Mother’s funeral and headstone and to create a  smokescreen for their disgusting and unprovoked attacks on me including death threats and (even after I had sent them a letter from my solicitor asking them to stop making false allegations against me) pursuing my friends and relations to try and make them takes sides.

Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll do not have a shred of evidence to support the allegations they have made and indeed I have  presented evidence which shows their allegations to be nonsense.  Their allegations do not withstand any kind of scrutiny, legal or otherwise : they are quite simply a smear campaign.

For the full low down on the revolting and cynical lies that Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll have told about me, and the evidence which contradicts them, visit this page: or email me at

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