Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll : attempted blackmail and publication of false allegations

mersey o'driscoll ann o'driscoll attempted blackmail blog

mersey o’driscoll ann o’driscoll attempted blackmail blog

Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll’s ‘blog’ threatens me with publication of some emails unless I take down this website and also publishes false allegations of harassment.  That would make  Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll libelous blackmailers.  Blackmail (extortion)  is a criminal offence.

I’m not sure what emails they are referring to but I think it might be a good thing for all correspondence between us to be published so that people can see for  themselves. I am confident that I have nothing to fear from that.  I wonder if  Mersey O’Driscoll and Ann O’Driscoll feel the same?

As for ’embarrassing our family’  I would consider Mersey O’Driscoll to be the greatest embarrassment  to this family, although to be fair there are other strong contenders for the title and I don’t think I can compete with any of them for it.

For instance, I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than someone who sees their mother’s funeral and headstone as their private property, someone who uses their mother’s death as an opportunity to get at their brother. Someone who desperately phones, emails and lobbies relatives and friends of her brother, who repeatedly lies to relatives and friends of her brother and insists that they take sides in her battles. Someone who is divisive, vindictive, manipulative and has a compulsive need to control the views and actions of other people.  Someone who has repeatedly lied about being ‘ harassed’ by me. An extremely shallow person who is all front and no depth.  Someone who has no regard for what their mother would have wanted and who is the opposite of her in every imaginable way.

Now that’s embarrassing. I’m not sure what ‘professional help’ is available for that range of embarrassments but I will be happy to ask around for you.

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